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RH-DSP modules re-built

All my DSP modules have been re-built. The old RH-DSP-SDK3.sem file can be removed (or backupped), all are in the new RH-DSP.sem Notes: – Had to leave the biquad module in the old coding style, I don’t (yet) understand how Jeff does certain things in his filters. – Added some extra modules. – MAC export… Continue reading RH-DSP modules re-built

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This module creates a grid for building purposes. No more need to switch between a grid background image and final BG image to make sure everything is aligned correctly. You can change the fore- and background colors to what you want using ARGB values. Note: This module works up to SE 1.3, version 1.4 drops… Continue reading RH-Hatch

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RH-Fixed Values

Three fixed value modules. – Types: Bool, Float and Integer. Downloads

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Three subcontrol Meter modules. – Types: Bool, Float and Integer – Transparancy available thru setting Alphachannel to 0. – Additional GDI+ options: fontsize, fontstyle, padding and antialias. – Precision in the float version means the number of digits behind the comma sign. Available Fontstyles: 0 = FontStyleRegular 1 = FontStyleBold 2 = FontStyleItalic 3 =… Continue reading RH-Meters

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RH-Text-Append, Capitals and Substr

Subcontrol text modules for some handy string operations. Update 25-5-2018: – RH-Text-Append: text output works bi-directionally now, it sends the changed value back to text input one. – RH-Text-Append combines text strings. – RH-Text-Capitals makes capitals of the input string. – RH-Text-Substr sends a part of a string, defined by the Offset&Length pins, to the… Continue reading RH-Text-Append, Capitals and Substr

RH-7segment & RH-Int2Digits

To make 7 segment displays i’ve created two modules to do this: RH-Int2Digits splits integer values ( up to 9.999.999 ) to 9 seperate outputs. RH-7segment outputs 7 floats ( 0 or 1 ) to connect to subcontrol image modules. Link to information Downloads


Download re-built DSP modules pack (x86, x64 and MAC compiled ): RH-DSP Download GUI modules pack (x86 & x64): RH-GUI-SDK3 ——————————————————————————————- These modules are compatible with Synthedit 1.1x* and up * Blob datatype modules only for SE1.2x and up. * GUI modules using GDI+ don’t show in the panelview (SE1.3x and up). ——————————————————————————————- December 10th… Continue reading DSP/GUI SEM Packs

RH Logic Gate prefabs

Download prefab: Half-Adder Download prefab: Half-Subtractor Download prefab: Full-Adder Download prefab: Full-Subtractor Download prefab: Flip-Flop Download prefab: 4bit-Adder Download prefab: 1bit-Magnitude Comperator Download prefab: D-Flipflop

RH Logic Gate modules

Bool&Integer logic gate modules: AND, OR, NAND, NOR, XOR, XNOR Use for basic binary math. Note: Included in the zip files are also reverse versions. Update(10-7-2015): – Added NOT gate for Integer ( bidirectional ). – Changed the Category in SE a bit for all logic gate modules. Links to information: – HowStuffWorks: Boolean –… Continue reading RH Logic Gate modules