RH BiQuad

BiQuad Multimode Filter module – Types: LP, HP, BPF1 (new!), BPF2, Notch, Peak, Loshelf, Hishelf – BPF1: peak gain = Q, BPF2: peak gain = zero. – Cascade: up to 8x (new!) – Freq: 20 – 20.000Hz – Q: 0 – 10v – PeakGain: -30dB – 30dB – 64bit internal processing – CPU usage (32bit):… Continue reading RH BiQuad

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RH Math Modules

Dsp and Subcontrol math functions modules. – Faster approximations (link) used in the DSP version. – Subcontrol version was converted from SDK2, added a few functions. – Functions: Sin, Cos, Tan, Tanh, Exp, Log. Update 12-7-2015: Subcontrol bug choice not saved fixed. Update 8-1-2013: DSP version created, removed approximations from subcontrol module. Download    … Continue reading RH Math Modules