RH BiQuad

BiQuad Multimode Filter module – Types: LP, HP, BPF1 (new!), BPF2, Notch, Peak, Loshelf, Hishelf – BPF1: peak gain = Q, BPF2: peak gain = zero. – Cascade: up to 8x (new!) – Freq: 20 – 20.000Hz – Q: 0…

RH Math Modules

Dsp and Subcontrol math functions modules. – Faster approximations (link) used in the DSP version. – Subcontrol version was converted from SDK2, added a few functions. – Functions: Sin, Cos, Tan, Tanh, Exp, Log. Update 12-7-2015: Subcontrol bug choice not…

RH Rescale

Subcontrol rescale module Update 1-6-2018: – A newer version is available, the old one is buggy so don’t use it. – Made possible by Andrew ( TD modules ), thanks a lot! – It’s not included in my pack. Am…

Prefab: Knob using Textswitch module

A knob prefab using my text switch module. When you press left mouse button on the knob, the current value is shown. Let go and the text returns. Rule: while left mouse button is pressed text input 2 is shown,…

RH 3Ddistance & Cart2Polar

DSP & Subcontrol Cartesian 2 Polar, and subcontrol 3D distance SDK3 modules. Reference: polar-cartesian-coordinates – RH-Cart2Polar has a selection pin to choose between 180/-180 and 0/360 degrees. – Converted from SDK2, RH-3Ddistance was RH-2D_3D_distance ( removed choice option, use Cart2Polar…

RH Volts2dB

Subcontrol Voltage 2 dB conversion module. – Bidirectional, changes to either side update the other. – Converted from SDK2. Download

RH Limit Modules

Subcontrol input/output limiting modules. – They are bidirectional, min/max work both ways. – Both modules combined into one SEM to save memory usage. – Converted from SDK2. Download

RH Redirect Modules

Subcontrol flow redirect modules on the same side. – All modules combined into one SEM to save memory usage. – Converted from SDK2, added text and blob version. Update 19-5-2014: RH-Bool-redir wasn’t working, fixed. Download

RH Switch Modules

Subcontrol modules for switching between two input pins using a Bool pin. – Condition: While Boolpin = “true”, Input 2 is Output. – All modules combined into one SEM to save memory usage. Update (21-12-2013): Fixed a problem with pin…